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Pant Bags

You know that pair of pants you’ve had for years, that you absolutely love, but just can’t part with even though they don’t fit right anymore? Well I had a pair just like that. I bought them when I was in South Africa seven years ago and when I think back, I have no idea why I bought them because they were completely the wrong size and two short.  At the time I was around a size 29 and the pants were a size 36. Granted they were draw string, but they were huge and never fit right. But I loved them despite their size. They were vintage looking, funky, unique and I felt like a hip adventurer. Year after year, they always reminded me of  my days in South Africa and that was worth more to me than the perfect fit.

This is the only picture I can find with me wearing these pants, seven years ago.

Well this past weekend my SA pants were brought out again with all the rest of my summer clothes and I had to embrace the fact that they had done their time as a pair of pants and it was time for a new phase of life. After a few hums and ha’s I decided it was time for them to become a set a bags. And so I started cutting, flipping, adding, subtracting and voila! came up with three fabulous bags. I am getting ready for a trip to Qatar in a meer 9 days and so the timing could not be better for a new book bag and beach bag to hit my collection. Though they are not for sale, if you are interested in a set of your own “Pant Bags” let me know and we can investigate the options!

The "Before" picture without actually being before I cut them all up. Try to imagine them as pants.

The "After" picture, a few cuts and sews later. Three bags out of one pair of pants!

The book bag made with the legs and the draw string

The reversible beach bag, made with the "body" of the pants and some vintage fabric. I personally like the pockets on the inside.

Slip Stream Vintage, the original tag from the back of the pants.

Happy creating!


3 comments on “Pant Bags

  1. frie1430
    March 25, 2012

    i particularly like the look of the bags made with the pant legs. nice work!

  2. Charity Friesen
    March 25, 2012

    i particularly like the look of the ones made with the pant legs. nice work!

    • Suzanne
      April 24, 2012

      Thanks! They are pretty handy.

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