Hooked By Zanne

Crocheted items you get hooked on!


Hello and welcome to Hooked by Zanne. Learning the trade from my grandmother, crocheting has always been a part of my life. I was swaddled in crocheted blankets and was raised in crocheted slippers. My childhood memories of my grandma involve baskets of yarn beside her chair and her steady hands always busy with either hooks or needles at work. As I grew older, my appreciation for hand-made items also grew and now as an adult, my hands are also busy at work making yarn creations.

Making hats, mittens, scarves, stuffies, slippers, headbands, bags and any other random idea, I love making beautiful creations with yarn and a hook. Using both new and upcylced yarns from used sweaters or blankets, my products are created with care and thought. Working with a variety of textures, hooks and accents and never using a full pattern, each of my items are unique and one of a kind.

My favourite types of projects are custom orders. I get a great thrill when I have a customer send me an email asking for a special scarf for their friend or a new hat for their baby. Creating all my design from scratch, I am able to make just about anything,  so if you can’t find something in my shop for that special gift, please contact me with the details of what you would like and I would be happy to make it just for you!

Explore my shop and let me know what you think! Happy shopping, but be careful, you may get hooked!


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